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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 28, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EST

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evening. you've given millions of americans a great show every week, and we thank you for it. i think i speak for every viewer. >> thank you so much. >> you're not bad yourself. >> we're very honored to be here on your last season. >> larry: i'm honored to have you. the cast of "modern family" and we hope sarah gets well real soon. >> bye, sarah. >> larry: night, sarah. welcome to cnn sunday. in today for t.j. holmes. we're following breaking news out of the tense north korea juan peninsula. we want to welcome our international viewers and our anchor. let's go down to stan grant. he's following the latest between north and south korea. china pushing for emergency
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talks as the u.s. military and south korea begin joint exercises. tell us about that and bring us up to date on this crisis. >> reporter: there's building tension here. let's start with the tension. earlier today there was reports from the south korean military that north korea deployed surface to air missiles along its part of the border which is aim at south korean fighter jets. they were moved into place last week. there's also reports about artillery fire coming from the north side and visions showing what appear to be moments at a military base on the northern side as well. all of this raised alarm on the island. there were calls for residents and journalists to take cover. it was later lifted. journalists are being urged to leave the island.
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all of this is playing against the backdrop of these exercises, military exercises in the yellow sea between the u.s. and south korea. uss george washington has moved into place. they are taking place about 60 miles south of the border and north korea warning that any incursion on the its side of the border will be met by military action. let's talk about diplomacy. china is sending an envoy here to solve the discussions and a recognition that china is going to try to bring the sides together, to work as a mediator. they brought another high official to visit beijing next week. china calling for a resumption of the six-party talks. >> stan, that is natalee. with the reports you talk about artillery fire and games that are under way, the military
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games between south korea and the u.s., what is china's role? how major is china's role in diffusing this situation? >> china is absolutely crucial. in the past, they are that close. china calling for calm. china has its concerns about the military exercises it could be provocative and worry it stays out of chinese waters. china acting as an intermediary. saying they want to bring calm. now china has long wanted to restart the six-party talks. basically those talks resolved around nuclear weapons. south korea saying it's too soon here yet for those talks to resume and stressing that this is not a rebuttal of china but
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saying this has been their position all along. with current tensions it's not appropriate to start these talks. china crucial to this process. >> stan, thanks for that. stan grant for us covering this conflict from seoul, north korea. a new warning for the whistle blowing website wikileaks. hours before it was supposed to release documents the state department said it could jeopardize countless of innocent lives. wikileaks is being warned if any documents were provided by government officials without proper are authorization they were provided without regard to u.s. law. the latest document is expected to release dials about worldwide communications of the state department ain't 297 embassies. wikileaks released 400,000 u.s. military reports about
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operations in iraq in october. in july it released 70,000 reports from the war in afghanistan. we have new details and reaction in the case of the somalia born teen who tried to bomb a holiday event in portland oregon. the fbi arrested mohamed osman mohamud on electrify after they say when he tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb. mohamed osman mohamud who is a naturalized u.s. citizen chose the event because of the large number of potential casualties. one of the suspect's former classmates said he's shocked by mohamed osman mohamud's arrest. >> he was a pretty good person. i mean, in class he was a jokester. he always cracked jokes. everyone found him to be pretty funny. here i see the kid i knew in class. pretty fun kid. i see that picture, and that's pretty scary. >> very difficult for me comprehend how a young man who
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this country has given great opportunities to could waste those opportunities and be willing to commit a horrific crime. very sad. mohamed osman mohamud has a court appearance for tomorrow. he's facing a potential sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. a city in the u.s. is dealing with a pretty unique problem, too many jobs. we'll be taking you there and explaining what cause this rather unusual situation and, of course, reynolds wolf is on the job for us this morning tracking the weather as some of you head back from your thanksgiving holiday. what's up? >> it looks like that same storm system we had out west that brought snow to parts of the sierra nefs and rockies will be back today. another foot of snow in the highest elevations. we'll let you know what you can expect for the rest of the country and what you can expect for the start of the work week.
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they managed to scoop it out of the water into some warm blankets. they took it to a rehab center for wildlife. this happened. sometimes they see swans this time of year, they get stranded in the water because of injury or illness. thank goodness for good samaritans. >> the rest of the flock went southbound and hanging out in miami. beautiful thing to see some kind-hearted people to help the poor animal in distress. the poor weather we're seeing is not just restricted to our continent. europe is seeing more snowfall. possibly six to eight inches of snow that may fall in the next several hours. people trying to stay warm in england, going too local pub, hang out and watch the snow fall down. travel weather will be tough.
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tough here in the u.s.. the worst travel we're going to have at least weather wise will be out towards the west if you happen to be moving by car. take a look what we got. take i-80 through salt lake city, heavy snow in the great basin. snow showers too. that's part of a very intense area of low pressure that's been pulling oust pacific. a lot of moisture with it. wherever you see purple or pink is a warning or advisory in terms of your winter weather. the focus is a little bit further to the south. places like tahoe and even reno you might escape the heaviest weather but the south might be bad. here's the culprit for the rough weather. it won't remain motionless. this will kick up its heels. as we move fast forward into later today and into tomorrow this will intensify as it rolls apart cross of the central plains. ahead of it possible scattered
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showers and thunderstorms. high pressure dominating feature in the east. that will slide into the atlantic. this double bacterial low with the frontal boundary sweeping across the mid-mississippi valley. showers in possibly place where's we have poor drainage. top half of the system in fargo, we're talking to you, you may be dealing with heavy snowfall there. what can we anticipate in terms of temperatures today? on the cool side in parts of the great lakes. navy pier in chicago, the one you have for winter, today is one of those. 48 in new york. 53 in raleigh. 42 in denver. atlanta with 59. 80 in both tampa and miami. at the bottom of the hour we'll give you some tips to safely traverse the roads with the snow and ice. thanks.
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i needed that. southern california to washington, d.c.. millions hit the black friday sales this weekend, expecting to spend billions in fact tens of billions of dollars. did they? the numbers are in. were people in the spending mood this year?
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you know the crowds were a bit bigger but overall spending was modest. that's two preliminary reviews. as we look towards tomorrow's cyber monday extravaganza. shoppers should see more promotions than last year. the monday following thanksgiving now becoming well known for one thing, of course, employees shopping online while at work. according to the nrf, 70 million people will be shopping online from work tomorrow and our josh is joining us now with tips for those of you who like to do the cyber monday. on monday, cyber monday no one will be getting a full work day in. it wouldn't happen. half of workers will be doing cyber monday stuff.
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that's massive. >> what do we have to do? >> what we want to do is nail some strategy. keep in mind everyone on the la net who has any kind of a website selling anything will be taking part. 88% of retailers will participate into this. here's some key tips. first of all, make a list and check it twice. sounds kind of obvious. here's the trick. studies have shown people who take part in black friday do a better job of knowing what they need buy. you go into the store with a list and get your stuff. on cyber monday people get lost. you get involved on the website. you see something else you didn't plan on getting. search the same item on multiple sites. if you have an app on your phone to check a bar code, do that. what we have found and we've
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tried this ourselves, if you find it looks like a really good deal, save it on the screen, open another browser and search a whole bunch of other sites. often you'll find that same item will be discounted some place even more. a lot of these retailers spend the day watching each other. next thing, study the shipping deals. sometimes the way they trick you into spending more money is they give you a good deal on ti temple but then watch the shipping deals. test drive electronics. you see these massive hdtv screens and game systems. if you've never played with it or used it or never had the time to spend some time with it you may not be getting what you're getting. stores during the day will change their deals. they will offer better things than they did in the morning. watch for e-mail alerts. sign up for facebook pages and
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follow them on twitter. let's take a look. i got a bunch of stuff linked for you on facebook and twitter. so do this. watch during the day and one more thing to keep in mind. a lot of you will shop during the work day but believe it or not, a lot of deals are starting tonight at midnight. so you might want to stay up late and call in sick to work something like that. get the best deals. >> come on. >> if you can save thousands of dollars, for one day a year employers have to be cool about this. >> josh, single-handedly contributing to the loss of productivity in our nation. come on man. >> i'm cool with that. >> do i have a lot of homework to do tonight. have you ever been in a new york taxicab? drivers there are getting the word. dress for success or pay up.
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new york wants its cabbies looking good. we're going to tell you what cabbies are saying about that.
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are you looking for a job? here's the story for you. kate bolduan reports from north dakota where there are more jobs than people to fill them. and another shortage. homes. >> reporter: they've got a unique problem up here in williston, north dakota. more jobs than they know what to do with. that's create ad crisis you wouldn't expect.
6:20 am
welcome to boomtown, usa. population 17,500. help wanted signs 2,000 to 3,000. >> williston is in a unique situation where we have less than 2% unemployment. >> reporter: great news, right? well, there is this. the town now faces a serious housing crisis. hotels, houses, apartment, all full, forcing many like gallen to live in trailers. >> this is like this all over. >> reporter: he has been living here for six weeks with three other men while working on one of the new hotels going up in williston. >> ice not as bad as a person thinks. it's takes a little adjusting. >> that's what we find happening her. builders coming here building homes and apartments.
6:21 am
>> reporter: all thanks to oil. new technologies have led to huge oil discoveries in western north dakota. >> this is the one unique oil find in the united states that we've had for a long, long time. we just scratched the surface. that's not just for us, that's for the entire industry. >> reporter: with no other option, companies like halliburton are building their own man camps to offer their employees somewhere to stay. this one is made of shipping containers. >> we'll put this building up to house people. it's quick construction. that's the point. >> reporter: although a long term solution may still be a couple of years away, city officials fear with the rest of the country in dire straits, people will do anything for work and the weather here is about to shift from cold to deadly. the mayor knows the housing crisis won't be solved any time
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♪ you guys know that being in a taxicab in new york is the best new york experience. >> it's an adventure. >> you have to steady yourself
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much you don't want to get whiplash. dress code. but, you know, drivers, cabbies in new york they don't pull up looking like they are going to do a "gq" magazine spread. what if they pick you up in a tank top. there's a new dress code in new york that is looking to make sure that they don't show up like that or get charged 25 bucks for that. this is the taxi and limousine commission. they say it's a clarification of an old rule. they want to make sure they are somewhat professional. no tube tops, no tank tops, no swimsuits. >> there must have been actual cases where people were picked up in swimsuits. >> i lived in new york for three years and never experienced it. i would like you can't hit the brake as hard as do you. >> is that important? as long as they get me safely,
6:26 am
it doesn't matter. it's irrelevant. >> i'm with you on that. >> if he's dressed to the nines and a terrible driver -- if you have to pick your poison there's other battles. >> i'm on board with that. >> that's the first time -- >> oh, yes. all right. let's talk about star wars. yoda, ob 1, they tried to tell them the dark side doesn't pay. check this out. that's the actual original costume from "the empire strikes back." guess how much it went for auction at christie's. i would they lot. >> you would think so especially with all those people into "star wars." >> saw one guy run the new york marathon as a storm trooper. people are crazy for "star wars." it went for nothing.
6:27 am
it was expected to go between quarter a million to $360,000. no one wanted to pay the minimum. >> ridiculous purchase. >> again, i don't know. when it comes to costume i like the taxicab costume. got to be cheaper. i don't know. >> $250,000? they say the economy is getting better but clearly is not because if you can't sell the original darth vader costume. >> that's the true measure. forget all these statistics. there it is. this next story, not exactly single lady but these boys can shake it. check it out. ♪ i'm a single lady ♪ i'm a single la ♪ put your hands up >> good for them. >> look at that. look at them shake it. oh, move that.
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okay. so, they tore this page out of the "glee" playbook. if you watch the show you may remember the last similar scene where the high school team in central indiana here re-enacted it for a local video competition. this dancing paid off. it won them 300 bucks. >> you know what? good for them. >> it set off a three game winning streak. 300 bucks? they need more. >> you're the resident female. if you were in high school right now would you think this is the hottest thing? >> who doesn't like the funny guy. >> put it on the bucket list. it's neat. it's a novelty. >> reynolds is our resident dancer here. >> come on dude. with the hand. that's the wrong on.
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welcome back. i'm in for t.j. holmes. we're following breaking news in the korean peninsula crisis. china proposing emergency consultations with members of the six-party talks. those talks were put on hold back in 2008. china's proposal comes as the u.s. military and south korean forces conduct joint military exercises in the yellow sea. those exercises began 5 1/2 hours ago. north korea's official news agency is warning any intrusions in its territorial waters will result in merciless military
6:33 am
counteract. north korea fired artillery shells on south korea's island. north korea said the firing came after shells from the south korean military drill landed in the north's waters. admiral mike mullen says he believes north korean leader kim jong-il is dangerous to the region. >> he's got a country that's starving its people. whose economy is absolutely dreadful. and he continues to take actions -- and i think very deliberate actions to destabilize a region that could be very dangerous for all of us, not just the regional players but certainly china has a great deal at stake with stability. >> you can check out the entire interview at 10:00 a.m. eastern today and 7:00 a.m. pacific.
6:34 am
we've seen this mugshot. you've probably seen it. we know what this man is accused of. what else do we know about portland? this portland bomb suspect, mohamed osman mohamud. >> reporter: this 19-year-old is a naturalized u.s. citizen born in somalia. he lived here in a college town in oregon an hour and a half outside of portland. here fbi investigators said mohamed planned an attack on fellow citizens that dates back to the summer of 2009. the government's case against mohamed is outlined in a 38-page affidavit. >> this defendant as set forth in the complaint demonstrated at every turn a very serious determination to commit violent jihad. >> reporter: last summer an undercover fbi contacted mohamed. they met in portland where mohamed told the agent he wanted
6:35 am
to put together an explosion where people would be dead or injured. he said he had identified the target where there would be many people, a tree lighting ceremony in pioneer square in down, portland. >> he's the one that selected the location. he stated why he selected the location because of the mass of people that would be here. >> reporter: friday mohamed and the agent drove a van that mohamed believed was packed with explosives. he attached blasting cap to the device he believed to be a detonator. that's when agents swooped in and arrested him. >> it's very difficult for me comprehend how a young man who we gave, this country has given great opportunities to could waste those opportunities and be willing to commit a horrific crime. very sad. according to an affidavit, mohamed handed the fbi a thumb
6:36 am
drive with details of the plot. he was going to use a passport to get out of the country. we got a reminder for those of you who think you can outrun the law. you know it never works. they are bound to catch up with you. a look at one high-speed chase near l.a. straight ahead. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ♪ ♪
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this guy here obviously did not want to go to jail. he led several police officers or police cars on a high-speed chase in california to avoid it. this started out in montebello. he swerved into streets in l.a. and ended there in that residential neighborhood. police say he was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. it's that time of year when driving in the snow is really a messy endeavor but a necessity in many parts of the country. what better place to learn those skills thain colorado ski country. reynolds wolf here to tell us about a training course went through. it sounds fun. >> it is.
6:39 am
kind of scary. we always tell people the way you're supposed to handled the roadways. it's one thing to tell you about it but another to show you firsthand and hopefully you'll learn from some of my mistakes. you know according to the national highway traffic association more traffic accidents occur in the winter as opposed to summer. here's the reason, snow and ice. that's why we're here at steamboat springs. what are we going to do? >> we'll jump in the car, go ount the traout on the track and teach you the skills you need. >> sounds scary and fun at the same time. >> winter driving should be fun. . >> how deceiving can winter conditions be. snow on the road, ice on the road. >> winter conditions can be really deceiving because it may look like it's snow and
6:40 am
underneath it could be black ice. glare shiny ice. it's hard to tell. it's important that you as a driver make sure no one is behind you and every now and then hit your brake and see how much traction is available. >> on this course traction is hard to find. coated with 250,000 gallons of water, this is like driving on a hockey rink. >> you have to anticipate each action. >> one of the first lessons the weight transfer of your vehicle play as bigger role in controlling your vehicle than the steering wheel. >> see it stirs more. counter intuitive. sometimes less steering is more effective. choose the perfect amount of steering not too much, not too little. if the car doesn't turn don't give into the tendency to turn more. it makes it worse. >> the type and condition of your tires. >> you have to remember that a half worn winter tire performs
6:41 am
like an all season tire. a half worn all season tire performs like a summer tire. a summer tire has no place in winter conditions. >> but mark says the best thing to have in place when facing those icy roads is the wealth of experience. >> like a pro. nice. that's a wrap. good stuff. the number one thing and hopefully you will come away with this. don't be in a rush. everything you do is a little bit tougher when it comes to driving in winter weather. we were really going at speeds over 40 miles per hour. >> it looked like you were going pretty fast. >> that's mostly the camera being stationary and you're going by. if you're going 30, 40 miles per hour it looks like you're going pretty quick. take it easy on the roadways. >> i crawl along. i grew up in southern california then i moved to some snowy climates but it's tough. very tough. >> it really can be. so just -- patience is the
6:42 am
thing. give yourself plenty of time. be careful. >> when he said don't over steer, so i mean -- >> it's tough. >> he said experience is your best teacher. you panic when you get in a situation like that. >> resist your temptation. >> absolutely. >> to what you want to do? >> temptation is the opposite of what you're supposed to do. slow down. you have to remember that everything -- your stopping distance is increased. your brakes won't be as effective. you're basically at a disadvantage in a very big way, in every way not including the visibility. >> sure. >> thankfully we won't deal with that in parts of the country. the eastern seaboard looks good. here's washington, d.c.. got a great shot. this is where you are. >> my addition. >> sun is coming up. sun will be shining brightly up and down the eastern seaboard. even in atlanta. that dry air will feel great but
6:43 am
be a bit on the chilly side. however out towards the west the situation will be different. clouds with rain and some snow. treacherous driving is a possibility out west. a lot of snow from idaho falls to salt lake city. reno you're getting a break. truckee, california, you're getting a break. the weather will push down into the sierra nevada mountains. as we transform from today into tomorrow that system will eject from the rocky mountains to eastward when it does look what will happen. heavy rain will begin to definitely across matters of the mid-mississippi valley. tomorrow widespread delays from new orleans northward to st. louis to chicago and residual backups in other places in the country. the back half of the system you still have that overriding moisture but at the surface
6:44 am
freezing conditions. snowfall out in ski country in colorado. question is how much rain will we get? here is your answer. latest computer models indicate some locations especially st. louis southward of memphis and east of, let's see, not too far from springdale, arkansas some spots could get two to three inches of rainfall. wet roadways will be a possibility. here's a quick snapshot on your forecast. a lot more that we'll be dealing with right here on cnn sunday.
6:45 am
time for a look at the week ahead in politics. sarah palin's book tour will be making headlines. could it be her road map to the
6:46 am
2012 presidential race? here's paul steinhauser. >> reporter: sarah palin is headi headi heading to iowa. she returns to iowa on thursday for another book signing. why is this a big deal? here's why. palin said she's seriously thinking about making a bid for the presidential nomination in 2012 and iowa plays a big role in the road to the white house as its caucuses kick off the presidential primary season. her book takes her to south carolina which holds the first southern primary in the battle for the white house and to ohio a crucial must-win state for any presidential nominee. >> paul steinhauser for us. in some countries being overweight is not necessarily a bad thing. in fact we'll go to a few places where bigger is definitely better. y at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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. we spend so much time here in the u.s. obsessing over our weight. some countries embrace the extra padding. where are these countries where being bigger is better, more beautiful or just sort of, i guess, a sign of maybe wealth or something? >> absolutely. before we even get to that i have to comment on the pink top to say to you that i only really met you yesterday and already we're in sync. >> we're wearing the exact same top. >> complimented on up yesterday losing that weight. but in a pacific island it is
6:51 am
number one of fattest countries. that means your bmi, body mass index is over 25% to be overweight, over 29% to 30% to be considered obese. now it's more complex than that because you and i could weigh the same but one of us, hardly, but anyway you could have more muscle than i do and have a lower bmi even if we weighed the same. let's say it's height to weight ratio. in nauru they have 95% of the population is overweight. it's due to the fat of a more western diet but fattening ceremonies. they want their young women to be as plump as possible. that's not the only country. >> we kind of just had one ourselves with thanksgiving. right? this is a very structured ceremony. >> on thanksgiving we weren't force fed hopefully. but what they do, like a west
6:52 am
african country force feed the women. they give them up to 16,000 callow rays day. >> what are they feeding them? >> coconuts, peanuts. young women doing this they often gag. they are forced to. they are beaten to have to put on this amount of weight. but the idea is that if you are plump you appear to be affluent and come from a good family and once you get married you want to stay plump because fur husband is treating you well. >> it's on the opposite side of the spectrum from the torture in the way many women go through in the u.s. and similar countries to stay thin. >> you're right. it's equally torturous. you have somebody who has a naturally slim build and is force fed. here we often force diet. the ironies of the world, isn't it. interestingly enough kuwait was
6:53 am
very high on the list of the world's fattest countries. kuwait used to be a bedouan culture. now you got day laborers. you look at the change in societies. but according to the world health organization, we are genetically disposed to want sugar, fat and salt. we train ourselves not to. but that's our predisposition hence the world's fastest country. america is eight or nine on their list. >> i can tell you that's my predisposition. who doesn't want the sugar and the salty treats. if you're in these countries and you say to a woman -- you wouldn't say you're looking so thin. >> that's an insult. certain african countries, being really overweight, talking about having rolls is far more attractive. now there are some websites here
6:54 am
in america where there's a thing for the larger woman. >> thank you. like you i very much appreciate that. very interesting information. >> we'll talk about it more at 8:00. there's so many more facts that have come out of this study. >> most travellers returning from the holiday weekend just want to know are we there yet? for some the longer the journey, the better because it's all about racking up those frequent flyer miles. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to keep your business moving. blackberry torch now just $99.99. only from at&t. rethink possible. as a part time sales associate with walmart. when william came in i knew he had everything he needed
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maybe you want top get away but maybe you're happy to come back. quite a few planes up in the air on this sunday morning. each one of the dots that we have on the map here a different flight. people trying to make it back home from the thanksgiving holiday weekend. and for many travellers you got long security lines, maybe some delays, you got perhaps some hassles ahead of you. some people literally are going out of their way just to get those precious frequent flyer miles and here's poppy harlow from >> reporter: how many miles have you flown in your life? >> 17 million. yep, 17 million. george clooney has nothing on me. >> reporter: imagine flying for fun. sounds crazy to most given the delays, cancellations and security hassles. but to some like randy peterson, it's well worth it to rack up the miles on so-called mileage
6:59 am
runs. >> mileage run is a mechanism to do one of two things. earn the most miles for the cheapest amount of money and then you take those miles and redeem them for something really valuable later on. >> you want to get from point a to point b but in the most roundabout fashion as kurks leave in the morning, hop all around, pick up 15,000 to,000 miles. >> reporter: on people search for the cheapest mileage runs with the most miles. barbara kessler is a self-employed attorney that flies for the sake of flying and racks up hundreds of thousands of miles a year. >> some people like to go shopping all day. i'll go to california for lunch and meet friends. i went to disneyland and met friends. >> one day >> yeah. >> reporter: she flies from new
7:00 am
york city to hawaii more than she goes midtown manhattan, 20 blocks from her apartment. the key is paying less than two cents per mile and redeeming them for much more. but with hefty mileage bonuses from credit card offers the currency of sorts is being devalued and award ticket kansas be harder to come by. but the perks are still there. >> if you like to travel, you know, and get upgraded. if you want to be the first person to board the plane where you can have bin space that's where miles come in. >> reporter: do you have to be rich? >> not at all. i've seen places that i could not afford. i've stayed for weeks in paris for less than seven euros. >> i've been to the great wall of china, i've gone to the ballet in moscow. i'm been on safari in be south africa and ate shrimp on the barbie in australia.
7:01 am
>> reporter: not bad. if you don't mind the long journey getting there. in new york, poppy harlow, reporting. welcome to cnn sunday. i'm in today for t.j. holmes. we're following breaking news out of the tense korean peninsula. north korea says military exercises under way right now are a pretext for war. china is proposing emergency consultations with members of the six-party talks. those talks were put on hold back in 2008. china's proposal comes as the u.s. military and south korean forces conduct joint military exercises in the yellow sea. north korea's official news agency is warning any intrusions in its territorial waters will result in and i'm quoting here, a merriless military counter attack. the two koreas are separated by the demilitarized zone. stan grant is in seoul.
7:02 am
stan, tell us the latest there. >> reporter: a dave building tension and heidi plow macy. we'll start with that tension. the reports from south korea military earlier today that the north koreans moved surface to air missiles in place along its border which is aimed at south korea fighter jets. they were deployed after the crash at the island last week. also reports of movement at a military base across the border as well as sounds of artillery fire. this unnerved people. there were calls to the residents there and media to take shelter. that was later lifted. the south korean government is also calling for journalists there to leave the island fearing further provocation from north korea. now all of this is playing out against a back droch these u.s. and south korean military exercises in the yellow sea. the uss george washington, of course, there, four other battle
7:03 am
ships about 6,000 u.s. troops and south korean force. these exercises are taking place about 100 kilometers, 60 miles south of that contentious border but north korea warning any incursions into its territory as you said before will be met by this merriless military confrontation. china is sending an envoy to seoul with a recognition that china will may more of a role inviting a high level official from north korea to beijing for talks and trying to restart the six-party talks involving china, the united states, russia, japan and the koreas but all of that is still in its infancy right now set against this rising tension. we saw you yesterday amongst some protesters who were saying south korea need ad stronger response. have you had a chance to gauge those every day koreans in seoul and see what the buzz s-what the mood is that they are talking
7:04 am
about during this conflict? >> reporter: you know, south koreans are used to this level of tension. they've lived with this for the past 60 years. but normally it is military to military. what we saw in the streets yesterday were former military, former special forces troops from south korea who were protesting that the government here did not hit back hard enough when north korea launched that attack. now speaking to other people on the streets as well, just ordinary citizens, they also saying that they are disappointed with their government's response and that led to the resignation of the defense minister last week and the appointment of a new defense minister. you can certainly say the attack really changed the game here. this was an attack that put civilians in the firing line and that's why we're seeing this concern that the south korean government is not doing enough. stan grant has been in the
7:05 am
mid. this for days. we'll check in with him throughout the day. a new warning for the whistleblower website wikileaks. hours before it's expected to release a new batch of classified documents the state department saying this latest move to jeopardize the lives of countless innocent sfrids journal jichts to soldiers. wikileaks is being warned that if any of the new documents were provide by government officials without proper authorization, they were provided in violation of u.s. law and without regard for the grave consequences of this action. the latest document release is expected to reveal details about worldwide communications of the state department and its 297 embassies. back in october wikileaks released nearly 400,000 u.s. military reports about operations in iraq and before that in july it released more than 70,000 reports from the wars in afghanistan. now we have some new details and reaction in the case of the somalia-born teen who was accused of trying to bomb a
7:06 am
holiday event in portland, oregon. the fbi arrested 19-year-old mohamed osman mohamud, seen here. they arrested him friday after they say that he tried to detonate what he thought was a vehicle bomb at a christmas tree lighting ceremony. an fbi affidavit suggests mohamed who is a naturalized u.s. citizen chose the event because of the large number of potential casualtiys. one of the suspect's former classmates said he's shocked by mohamed's arrest. >> he was a pretty good person. i mean in class and he was jokester and he always cracked jokes and everyone found him to be pretty funny. here i see the kid i knew in class. pretty fun kid. but when i see that picture, it's actually pretty scary. >> it's very difficult for me comprehend how a young man who this country has given great opportunities to, could waste those opportunities and be willing to commit a horrific
7:07 am
crime. very sad. >> mohamed has a court appearance scheduled for tomorrow and facing a potential sentence of life in prison as well as a $250,000 fine if convicted. ahead we're keeping an eye on your weather. reynolds wolf is in the severe "weather center". so. >> for people munching on turkey, it's time to head on home. by doing so on the road or air. we'll talk about some places where we might have some problems plus tell you what kind of weather you can expect for the work week ahead. it's all coming up in just a few moments. walk away ♪ ♪ blueberry pancakes are so good ♪ [ male announcer ] bisquick. pancake lovers unite. is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another...
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did you know it's just miserable right now in the uk. we have overnight temperatures there across britain that plunged well below zero. yesterday they were hit with the earliest widespread dusting of snow in 17 years. forecasters there issuing a series of severe warnings and this is expected to stay this way all the way into next week. of course, we have some snow in the western u.s. ourselves. nothing like europe, however. but meteorologist reynolds wolf taking a look at the sunday forecast. especially as some folks are trying to get home. i know i am. >> i wish we could give you a forecast to let you and our viewers know we got a great weather conditions coast to coast. at least on one of the coasts. eastern seaboard things are fine. not a whole lot in terms of rough weather. a few exceptions. we had heavy lake-effect snow falling in syracuse and towards
7:10 am
erie, pennsylvania. things are quieting down. starting to ramp up out west. rain in low-lying areas in the west. things are quieted down for reno and tahoe and truckee, california which is great news. further down the chain as we make our way into parts of the cascades and parts of the southern sierra nevada, heavy snow. central rockies, northern rockies snow can be a question. then from a large snow maker to a large rain maker. it will all off to the coast. this frontal boundary will sweep on by in time for monday. showers, maybe thunderstorms from great lakes to gulf of mexico which could mean delays in chicago to milwaukee to st. louis and even into new orleans before all is said and done. of course you'll have the
7:11 am
residual groundstop. frustrating time. snow beginning to build out west. denver getting in on the snow action. 54 in raleigh. 67 in dallas. continuing our march to the west. salt lake city with 32 degrees, 41 in seattle, 57 in san francisco. that's a quick snapshot of your forecast. we got a lot more coming up. sit tight. you're watching cnn sunday. ♪ let it snow ♪ it doesn't show signs of stopping ♪ ♪ i brought corn for popping ♪ let it snow let it snow s ♪
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this is one of my most favorite things that we do here on cnn sunday. we're taking a look at some of the hottest viral videos. >> let's start off with this. look at what this one dad made his son. it's called the marble perimeter run. this goes around the wall of his little kids' room. he writes about this on his website how you can spend hours and hours building something like this. >> it looks like that okay go video. >> that's what it is like. >> that's cool. >> so neat. >> we try to get good presents
7:16 am
for our kids. we're not going to spend days. >> that's unbelievable. >> very special thing. >> so then we'll get something adorable. animals don't have to do anything. this is a maybe otter playing with a stuffed walrus. all you need is a shot of anacetrapib mall and you instantly get millions of views. >> otters need to be stopped. we saw an otter attacking somebody speaking on the cell phone. we're the anti-otter network. >> you think they are so cute and cuddly and here we're giving them a bad name. >> you can't hate them when you watch this. here's the goodie. these are the folks from now holiday music is all over
7:17 am
the radio. check out what they have for us. ♪ own little story line coming out from nowhere. >> look at my moves. >> look at the jumping beans. >> it's on now. >>it's on now. >> got to love it. >> there's a big finish too. >> does it involve otters? >> no otters. we have the hand action. >> look at that. is that the running hand i busted out? >> play that guitar. >> how fun. i love it. >> as always all the links are up on facebook. fill out your own jibjab. go ahead, play, have some fun.
7:18 am
>> that is fun. we'll be right back after a short break. ring ring ring ring progresso. hi. we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago. well that's great. you haven't seen him... my other can is ringing. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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updating our top stories now. the suspect accused of planning to bomb an oregon christmas tree lighting ceremony is due in court tomorrow. authorities arrested mohamed osman mohamud friday night in portland and they say they that he tried to detonate what he thought was a van filled with explosives. the bomb was actually a fake thanks to an undercover operation that identified the plot. officials say the public was never in danger. and the state department issue as warning to founder of the website wikileaks. in a letter the state department is saying the plan could put lives at arriving. the next batch of documents is expected to include communications from the state department and its 297 embassies and consulates. officials say the information could jeopardize relationships
7:21 am
with allies as well as allies and anti-military operations. we have new developments in the tense situation on the korean peninsula. be joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea are under way right now. these drills are taking place during very high tensions after north korea shelled an island in the yellow sea. four south koreans died in that and also today china called for the members of the six-party talks to meet in early december to try and calm down this situation. let's get some perspective here on the korean crisis. north korea calling today's military exercises by the u.s. and south korea a pre-text for war. i'm joined now by the director of the global strategy project in london. thanks so much for being with us. i just want to ask you off the top, because you talked so much about china's role in this but i want to ask you if there's really any chance here we've heard north korea talking about
7:22 am
the brink of war. what are the chances here that there's war on the peninsula or can this crisis be averted? >> well, i think no parties on this want to risk a war. north korea has been playing a very dangerous game of brinksmanship in recent years. nobody knows. if there's a skirmish that spins out of control and immediate escalation, i would say not a full blown war but there cab serious skirmish that emerges into something that both sides would not want, but once again the consequences can be dire. so this game of brinksmanship if they go over the brink a bit it will be a very dangerous situation for security in asia and also heavy economic implications because once again that instability on the korean peninsula will impact markets not only asia but international. >> the u.s. looking to china here for some intervention. china is taking some sort of a
7:23 am
role. but you have written that china has failed to proportionately step up to the plate if you will for the role it need play. what kind of impact can china have. what kind of impact is china willing to have here? >> china is north korea's lifeline. without chinese support, whether financial or in terms of economic aid, the north korean regime cannot survive. now, china, in my opinion, can do more. i mean look at recently what happened in terms of the sinking of the north korean ship. all countries in the world condemned it. not the chinese. recent shelling that took place this past week everyone condemned it exsettlement china. the chinese need to be more vocal, be proactive. it's sad today they call for resumption of the six-party talks because now there's a crisis, there's a sense of urgency. when those talks fell apart in april of 2009 in my opinion the
7:24 am
chinese have not done enough in the past year and a half to push forward those talks. there's this diplomatic and several other measures that can be taken. once again china, in my opinion, plays the lead role out of all the six-parties that are involved in speaking to north korea. >> so what are the immediate steps that need to be taken here, marco, to really step this down, away from what's being called the brink here? >> obviously, china, in my opinion, has to come down heavily. if it's not done publicly but behind-the-scenes they need to put their fists down with the north koreans and make them under they have to cease these activities. it can't be a dialogue for sake of dialogue it has to be dialogue with intention to deescalate tensions and resume serious talks with north korea once again participating with the international community in
7:25 am
scaling down its nuclear capability. >> whenever north korea makes a move, and it causes, obviously, a lot of concern on the part of the u.s. and its allies, people always wonder what is north korea trying to say. why are they asking for this attention and one of the things you have said is you believe it plays a role in the health of kim jong-il and his son who is the new heir apparent. can you expand on that? >> yeah. basically a succession is taking place. the succession, there's a lot of elements in the hierarchy within the north korean political and military establishment. he wants to secure the position for his son and to do so, obviously, his son has to appear strong and once again then you have another flip side domestically inside the country, once again serious issues of starvation for about a fifth of the population. in toward distract attention
7:26 am
from the internal problems of the country and shore up the credibility of his son, the best way is to create, you know, create instability, create some sort of crisis on the outside and once again south korea is a perfect target. this regime, its main aim is survival and self-preservation. whatever it takes it will do even if it means playing a risky game of brinksmanship. >> thank you so much for with us. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a maze, a sword, a... oww! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to i wonder what it could be?! what's in your wallet?
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> we have some pretty remarkable performances by athletes. we got a fan also who gets into the mix. hln sports anchor joe carter joining us for those moments. this is a play that success called the interception the year. >> definitely. the interception the year perhaps top three college football plays the year. we still have another couple weeks of college football. i've never seen anything like this before. oklahoma's defensive back roblt brown jumps out of bounds, bats it back into bounds to his own teammate sean lewis. you'll see again the replay. incredible athleticism. great football smarts. have you ever seen anything like this? >> similar. auburn versus north carolina. >> yes. great football smarts. great play. but oklahoma would outlast oklahoma state in this one,


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